Photo sharing, scattered like light through a rainbow

This website hopefully will not just be me reposting photos that are posted elsewhere. I mean what would be the point.

Quite often I edit and share photos using Instagram. Why? Well, because it’s nice, useful, and I suppose social. I know that people will see them, which lets face it is half the reason to take them.

It’s not so much for “internet points”. But who doesn’t like some positive vibes!

Also I use IFTTT to re share these photos.

  • There is one copy created on Twitter as a “native image”, this sometimes get some response.
  • Another copy is created on 500px. These often get some likes, I don’t know why as they are hardly the quality of image that 500px was designed for.
  • Other copies are created on Blogger and Tumblr where they get almost no recognition at all. In fairness I hardly ever use these services so it’s not surprising there is little interaction.

Interestingly I don’t automatically share every Instagram image to Facebook. I certainly share some, but it is a very conscious thought as to which are worthy.

Equally I don’t think I would want to share every image on this website either. It would be easy to do with a IFTTT recipe, but I think a waste of time. Really, if you want to see my photos, and interact with me about them, follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

Having said that I am going to share this photo from yesterday here. A lovely rainbow arch greeted me at Levant Mine on the morning dog walk.

#Rainbow #kernow #Cornwall

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