January Targets

Perhaps I should have posted this on January 1st, but hey better late than never.

This year I’m going for to set myself short term targets, and for January I went with the target of hiking 80 miles and cycling 125 miles. I’ll explain in a future post what I think the difference between hiking and walking is!

The Hiking target I think I will reach, and probably should have set higher, I’m 66% of the way there with 12 days to go.

The Cycling target might be more of a problem 28% there so far. If there is some decent weather I might be able to do it, but generally January has been (unsurprisingly) too wet, cold or windy to get out much.

I should probably set other targets as well, a reading target might be sensible. I see targets as a way of encouraging me to do things I actually want to do anyway, but sometimes forget or fail to make time to squeeze them in.

I will keep you updated as the year progresses.

(Perhaps another target I should set is to update this blog x times a month!)

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