January Film of the Month

Let’s look back at the films I watched in January at the cinema and pick the “film of the month”.

I watched four films in January,

  • The Favourite
  • Stan and Laurie
  • Glass
  • Vice

All rather different to each other.

My least favourite of the four was “The favourite”. I actually quite enjoyed this film, it was a bit bonkers but entertaining. Certainly not a bad film. ***

In third place “Stan and Laurie”. A perfectly charming biopic of the pair towards the end of their career. Not a film that anyone could object to. It was perfectly nice. ***

In second place “Glass”. The final part of the trilogy that no one knew was a trilogy. I don’t know what film I was expecting going on, but it wasn’t the film I got. The film I got was looking at the self identity of superheroes. I enjoyed it, but don’t feel it lived up to the promise that the world building could have led to. In many ways it was an anti Marvel movie. ***1/2

That leaves on to spot for January “Vice” another biopic this time of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Possibly a surprising choice given out was hard to say how much of it was true. This film was interesting and funny and was fun to watch. ****

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