A post

This post actually probably contains nothing of worth.

I say probably because you never know what might evolve from this free style writing experience.

Basically I thought to myself, “I really should write more blog posts”. Indeed any would be a start, so without waiting or thinking about a topic I launched into this one. Is it interesting, who knows. Well you might if you’re reading it. But going back to my initial thought I was right. I really should write more blog posts.

I have some ideas what they might be about…

  • Monthly photo collections. I share many photos on Instagram, so I shall  on the last weekend of each month I shall share what I consider to be “the best”.
  • Reviews of things. Is anyone interested in what I think of stuff? I don’t care if you are, I’m going to review some stuff I read, listen to, watch. How often? Let’s say a minimum of one a month.

That’s at least two posts a month.

Another plan I have is to write about technology in maths education. I want to put some though into this and really think about how technology can be used in the teaching of A-Level Maths. And when I say used, I mean used for some actual meaningful benefit, not just because it looks pretty.

Will I do this? Well based on past experience it’s not looking likely, but I intend to give it a shot.

Prepare yourself.

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