Variation on the morning hike. Into darkness and fog.

Another update to the blog means only one thing, it’s half term and the weather is miserable. Another day of damp, mist, and breeze will frustrate my efforts to be outside.

It doesn’t stop me taking the dog for his morning walk however and after thinking I was walking the same route too much I ventured in the other direction this morning.

I did at one point think that perhaps this was not the best of ideas as I marched across Carn Kenidjack in the predawn fog. It was a surprising eerie experience, especially past the television mast with the wind whistling through the metal work and the dim glow of the red lights at the top only hazily visible through the fog.

I pushed on from there, over rather wet ground up to Chun Quoit before looping back.

Morning from #Cornwall #kernow

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It did indeed make a nice variation.

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