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Feb 9

This is a test of sharing from Instagram

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Feb 15

My maths website

In addition to this site I have decided to start a second site on which I intend to type up notes from my maths degree. It's not going to be…

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Feb 19

Birds over the Moor Taken this morning a flock of birds noisily flew overhead. This was the best I could manage with a quick draw phone photo.

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More snow

You wait years for it to snow in the far west of Cornwall, and then before you know it twice in a month the Duchy is brought to chaos by…

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Mar 19
Mar 1

Snow in Cornwall

Snow in Cornwall is such a unique experience it is worthy of a few photos from about and about today. [gallery columns="4" ids="854,855,856,857,858,859,860"]

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The twinkle of a distant lighthouse

The mornings are getting dark. This meant that I was on the cliff path before sunrise and Pendeen Lighthouse was still flashing its warning to mariners. It was a sight…

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Oct 26
Oct 24

Variation on the morning hike. Into darkness and fog.

Another update to the blog means only one thing, it's half term and the weather is miserable. Another day of damp, mist, and breeze will frustrate my efforts to be…

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My default hike

I've got into a bit of a rut with the morning Hike with the dog and have been doing only slight variations of the route below for a while. I…

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Oct 23
Oct 21

Storm Brian

Storm Brian struck Cornwall today. It was nothing special to be honest, just a bog standard Autumn storm. However here are some images from this mornings walk with the dog.…

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Feb 17

Film Review: Can I Ever Forgive You

Not exactly a new release, I think it came out a couple of weeks ago, but my first opportunity to squeeze it in. Based on the true story of Lee…

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January Film of the Month

Let's look back at the films I watched in January at the cinema and pick the "film of the month". I watched four films in January, The Favourite Stan and…

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Feb 10
Feb 9

Alita: Battle Angel review

I knew nothing about this film going in. I had seen the trailer and noticed generally positive reviews. I've not the the comic manga books on which it was based…

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Updates to a blog. None since August. Why, you ask? Time. Forgetfulness. No excuses. No plan.

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Feb 7
Aug 8

A post

This post actually probably contains nothing of worth. I say probably because you never know what might evolve from this free style writing experience. Basically I thought to myself, "I…

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January Targets

Perhaps I should have posted this on January 1st, but hey better late than never. This year I'm going for to set myself short term targets, and for January I…

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Jan 19
Oct 23

Photo sharing, scattered like light through a rainbow

This website hopefully will not just be me reposting photos that are posted elsewhere. I mean what would be the point. Quite often I edit and share photos using Instagram.…

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The rarely updated website of Chris Hatch

I would like to think that this website will be updated with amazing content on a regular basis. Maybe it will be...  

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Jun 2

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